15 lis. 2019

Building your Talent Pool through Employer Branding


Program Overview

As competition for talent intensifies across the globe, more and more organizations, regardless of size and resource-base, are recognizing that their “employer brand” can play a powerful role in attracting and retaining top talent. All organizations, whether they recognize it or not, have an employer brand. It’s the set of, often intangible, qualities and attributes that employees and prospective employees associate with the company.  It can be positive, negative, or somewhat neutral.

Branding has its roots in the field of marketing, and attention paid to attract customers, communicate with them, and keep them loyal to consumer brands. Employer branding takes a similar approach, but applied to talent and people management. Instead of marketing products, an employer brand markets the organization, its reputation, and what it has to offer to employees and potential employees.

This seminar will give participants the tools to begin to develop an employer brand consistent with its organization’s values, vision, and mission, and attractive to high-performing and engaged employees. In an increasingly complex and competitive labour market, this is critical to organizational success.


Benefits to Participants

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will:

  • Have a conceptual understanding of employer branding.
  • Recognize the value that a strong brand adds to your organization’s competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best talent.
  • Identify the role and importance of an Employer Value Proposition in developing a strong employer brand.


In turn, participants ought to subsequently be able to:

  • Build a framework that will bring organizational members together to define your current employer brand, and the message it sends to employees and prospective employees.
  • Write an Employer Value Proposition consistent with your organization’s values, vision and mission.
  • Strengthen your organization’s brand by integrating best practices in employer branding.


Who Ought to Attend: Anyone interested in getting a foundational knowledge of employer branding and how effective branding can strengthen recruitment and retention including Human Resources Professionals, Marketing and Communications Specialists, and General Managers.


Seminar Leader:

Julie Felker DBA is the Academic Co-Director of the MBA in HRM Program at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. She is also faculty affiliate and senior organizational development for the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where she delivers management education programs and provides technical assistance in developing economies, most recently in Bahrain and Algeria. She serves as visiting faculty at ESAN University in Peru, the University of Padova, and Ventspils University in Latvia, where she is also senior researcher in the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (CEIRD). Professor Felker teaches courses in Leadership, Performance Management, International Human Resource Management and Organizational Change and Development. Her research interests include Human Resource Management in Central and Eastern Europe, and Professional Mobility in the European Union.

Dr. Mirna Koričan Lajtman is the Academic Co-Director of the MBA in HRM Program and EMBA in HRM at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management where she teaches courses in Human Resources and Management. She expanded her professional expertise during study visits at partner universities St. Ambrose University (USA), John Carroll University (USA) and IESE (Spain). She is a visiting professor at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University (Germany) and Luxembourg School of Business (Luxembourg) and she has been teaching with St. Ambrose University (USA).  Professor Koričan Lajtman obtained her PhD from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland with thesis titled “Impact of personal factors on the work life conflict and its co-influence with organizational factors on employee commitment in Croatia”. She obtained the title MA in Psychology and in 2009 she obtained her MBA title as well. She participated in the EU project from IPA Component IV, Human Resources Development Component and currently she participates in the EU project related to Croatian Classification Framework. Professor Koričan Lajtman is actively translating books from the area of human resources and business economics. She is the author of a series of explorative papers and she actively holds executive education seminars in Croatia and the region.



The number of places at the seminar is limited and the applications will last until  October 14th, 2019.

Seminar price – 1.899,00 kn + VAT

If you sign up until October 07, 2019., you get a 15% discount on the regular price.

If you want to take up a friend with you, we offer you a 25% discount for both.

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*Registration discounts until October 07, 2019



Kotizacija se uplaćuje najkasnije 3 radna dana prije početka programa. Otkazivanje sudjelovanja na skupu moguće je jedino pisanim putem na e-mail adresu info@zsemacademy.hr najkasnije 5 radnih dana prije početka programa. Sudionici koji su odustali nakon tog roka ili ne prisustvuju programu, nemaju pravo na povrat kotizacije i dužni su platiti punu naknadu. Ako prijavljeni sudionik ne može sudjelovati na programu, može poslati drugog zamjenskog sudionika. ZŠEM – Poslovna akademija d.o.o. zadržava pravo otkazivanja – u ovom slučaju, naknada se vraća u cijelosti. Ispunjavanjem i slanjem obrasca prihvaćate ove odredbe i opće uvjete. Podatke koje ste naveli mogu se upotrijebiti u našim promotivnim aktivnostima i ni u kome slučaju neće biti dani trećima. Vaše podatke po vašem zahtjevu možemo promijeniti ili izbrisati.


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    Julie Felker

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Building your Talent Pool through Employer Branding

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