13 ožu. 2020

Leadership and Deep Listening


This workshop is expands upon Otto Scharmer’s (author of Leading from the Emerging Future) short explication of the four levels of listening. Scharmer notes that “Listening is the most underrated of all the leadership capacities . . .” We will explore in depth Scharmer’s four levels of listening using our own experiences and stories to develop the insights and motivation to change our listening habits. Participants should expect a highly interactive experience challenge our ideas and practices of listening. There will also be an opportunity for some skill practice as well as the more reflective material.



  • Learn the four levels of listen and how each is an advance over the previous level.
  • Learn the barriers at each level that keep us from advancing.
  • Learn how to minimize those barriers to create break throughs in their ability to listen.
  • Learn listening can generate both significant changes in their organizations and in themselves as well.
  • Practice some advanced listening skills during the class that they can use immediately on the job.



  • Improve their willingness to listen to others whom they’ve had problems with in the past.
  • Break past listening barriers keeping them from being more effective on the job.
  • Create better working relationships through greater understanding of others’ perspectives.
  • Increase their self-confidence in dealing with others.



Everyone regardless of job status will benefit from attending the workshop.



Guided conversation, real life case analysis from participant’s workplace experiences, group interaction and inquiry.



09:00 TO 10:30 Level One: Listening as Down-loading
10:30 TO 10:45 BREAK
10:45 TO 12:30 Level Two: Factual Listening
12:30 TO 1:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM TO 3:00 PM Level Three: Empathic Listening
3:00 PM TO 3:15 PM BREAK
3:15 PM TO 4:30 PM Level Four: Generative Listening


Randy Richards, Ph.D. is a second career academic, spent almost 20 years in management in both the public and the private sector before becoming a full time professor at St. Ambrose University. Currently, he is Professor Emeritus at St. Ambrose.

He is currently a contributing faculty member at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Zagreb, Croatia; Visiting Professor at Kaiserslautern Technical University in Kaiserslautern, Germany, at the International Management School in Vilnius, Lithuania and at the Berlin Potsdam School of Business in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. He is also a part-time employee at Kirkwood Community College’s Corporate Training Center.

He is an experienced facilitator and highly skilled workshop designer for adult learners and has an active consulting and coaching practice. His workshops are known for their extraordinary practical approach, learner engagement and fun. Over the course of his forty plus year career, Randy estimates he has taught over 10,000 people across all of his courses and workshops. His current area of interests are conflict management, dialogical skills, small group dynamics and leading change. His book, Conflict and Collaboration: The Search for the Integrative Space is available from Amazon.com

Graduated from St. Ambrose B.A. 1971, Georgetown M.A. 1975 and University of Iowa Ph.D. 1996, all in Philosophy.



The number of places at the seminar is limited and the applications will last until  March 12th, 2020.

Seminar price – 1.899,00 kn + VAT

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Leadership and Deep Listening

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