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The X-Factor: Working With Others Who Aren’t Like You


Technology, health care and science are dynamic and ever-changing. But what DOESN’T change even in these industries is our daily face-to-face and phone interactions with others. Despite any differences you need to work together. It may be a personality conflict, a managing style, or a host of other reasons. But if you don’t figure this out, the chance for success is compromised-and there will be a lot of uncomfortable tension in the air. People sign contracts. People procure merchandise. People approve budgets. People track down late shipments, and People approve employee promotions and raises. Personal relationships are paramount. There’s much incentive to ‘get along’ with the people you work with.

To be successful we need to understand why people respond and act the way they do. And I want to help you navigate through this with my three decades of ‘people experience’ working internationally and within the United States with one of the more prominent and successful corporations in the world, and from my thousands of hours in the cockpit.

You will assess your own listening and communication skills. You will identify the various reasons for conflict and the keys to resolving these. You will be more confidant in your abilities to work with any individual in the future.


Benefits to participants :

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will:

Learn about different personality types, become proficient at identifying them, and working with them. Develop awareness of your own idiosyncrasies and tendencies and how to improve your effectiveness. Learn and practice listening and communication skills that will benefit your personal and professional life.

In turn, participants ought to subsequently be able to:

Understand why others think and act the way they do. Improve business relationships enabling you to become more effective. Become an even better communicator than before.


Who ought to attend?

Someone who is serious about becoming more effective working with others and wants to know what is the “X” Factor for working with others who aren’t like you.


Seminar Format:

Case studies, role playing, video clips, group exercises, lecture


09:00 TO 10:30 How good a listener are you?
10:30 TO 10:45 BREAK
10:45 TO 12:30 Spoken & non-verbal communication
12:30 TO 1:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM TO 3:00 PM Examples of ‘difficult people’ we work with
3:00 PM TO 3:15 PM BREAK
3:15 PM TO 4:30 PM Thinking Style Preferences


Seminar Leader:

Bob Polich is American born, 100% Dalmatinac and is a Croatian citizen. Graduated with a marketing/psychology degree from Oregon State University. Worked for Procter & Gamble (34) years in sales and marketing. His ‘people experiences” include:

  • Managing an international sales broker in Pacific Rim where everyone was older than him
  • Led USA retail sales teams many years that included full time and part time personalities
  • Category management working with finance, production, marketing, HR, sales, consumer research
  • Direct & indirect selling to HQ, committees, buyers, and store level
  • Commercial/instrument pilot (44 years) having flown with pilots of different experience/mindsets


Information and registration:

The number of places at the seminar is limited and the applications will last until April 16, 2023.

Seminar price is 250€ + PDV (1.883,63 HRK + PDV). The fee includes tuition, instructional materials, 1 month of unlimited access to professional literature in digital format at www.ebook024.com, lunch, reception and refreshments. 

If you sign up until April 7, 2023, you get a 15% discount on the regular price.
If you want to take up a colleague with you, we offer you a 25% discount for both.

For the two purchased entries, the third is FREE*

* Discounts do not add up.

*Registration discounts until April 7, 2023.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The X-Factor: Working With Others Who Aren’t Like You

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