27 svi 2021

Working through conflict (WEBINAR)



We all interact with others every day, over the phone, via email and in-person. And not only at work with colleagues, customers and managers, but also in public (retail, market, restaurant, bank). But not every interaction runs smoothly because of “personality dynamics”.

We will review numerous ‘people situations’ to gain ideas on how to turn around a tense or a strained business relationship. Attendees will participate in exercises that will help them in their thought process as they prepare to engage with business partners, and come away confidant in their abilities to work with any individual in the future.

We will learn to listen and communicate effectively, and learn proven keys to help you as you deal with difficult people. We will practice these traits through individual and group exercises.


Benefits to participants:

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will:

Learn about different personality types, become proficient at identifying them, and working with them. Develop personal awareness of your own idiosyncrasies and tendencies and how to improve your effectiveness. Build and practice communication skills that will benefit your personal and professional life. Learn how to improve relationships with difficult and stubborn individuals.


In turn, participants ought to subsequently be able to:

Understand why others think and act the way they do. Improve business relationships (and personal) enabling you to become more effective in all these relationships. Become an even better communicator than before.


Who ought to attend?

Anyone who wants to become more effective working with others.


Seminar format:

Case studies, role playing, video clips, group exercises, lecture.



Bob Polich, B.S. studied marketing at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon USA. His 34 year Procter & Gamble international sales career includes selling, merchandising, interviewing, hiring & training people, field sales management, category work and launching new products at retail (CPG). There, he developed advanced managing and sales skills. Polich spent 15 years as a managing and international sales broker in Pacific Rim countries. He is experienced in managing human resources – for 9 years he led USA sales teams: he interviewed, hired and trained employees. He spent 12 years training corporate leadership. Besides being a category manager for 5 years he has been involved in direct and indirect selling to HQ, retail buyers, committees and stores. At New England Destinations and Boston Segway Tours, he was a customer service and operations manager. In Complex/High-Performance SEL Aircraft he was a Commercial/Instrument Pilot for 42 years. He is also returning guest speaker at the University of Zagreb and University of Split business schools. At ZSEM Business Academy Polich works directly with companies and teaches topics as Working With Difficult People, Effective Time Management, Leading & Managing Others, Leadership, Selling to Retail, Category Management and Customer Service.


Information and registration:

The number of places at the webinar is limited and the applications will last until  May 24nd, 2021.

Price – 900,00 kn + VAT

+  1 month unlimited access on www.ebook024.com


Working through conflict (WEBINAR)

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