17 lis 2018

WORKPLACE STRESS: Managing through Difficult Times and Difficult People 


Stress at work is a common occurrence. For many of us, it is a part of our work lives that is not likely to go away. And realistically,

some level of stress can actually be a good thing, because it drives us to higher levels of performance and productivity. However, when

stressful situations, and our reactions to them, cause negative and sustained physical and emotional reactions, we need to pay attention

and take measures to regain balance.

Workplace stress has many sources, some that we can control, others that we may have little influence over – for example, excessive

workloads, limited resources, unclear roles, and challenging relationships at work.  This seminar will focus on the relationship

aspects of  workplace stress caused by incivility among employees, dysfunctional teams, and poor organizational cultures. 



  • Anyone interested in gaining foundational knowledge of workplace stress and how stress can be managed more effectively,

in particular in the context of workplace relationships

  • Human Resources professionals, and line and general managers who are responsible for helping to facilitate more positive

and healthy relationships among individuals and teams



  • A broad conceptual understanding of the causes of stress, and how individuals react to stressful situations. 
  • Heightened awareness of the conditions where stress leads to negative physical and emotional outcomes.
  • Tools to strengthen their ability to manage workplace stress… their own, and the stress experienced by coworkers. 


  • Understand what trigger stress and their own responses to stress.
  • Assess the strengths as well as opportunities for improving their own, as well as their organization’s ability to reduce and better

manage workplace stress.

  • Develop individual plans to better manage stress and strengthen performance. 



Julie Felker, DBA

Julie Felker, DBA

Informacije i prijave:


The program fee is 1.899,00 Kuna + VAT. The fee includes tuition, instructional materials, literature, refreshments, lunch and reception.

Number of seats on the seminar is limited. The deadline for registering is October 15th, 2018. If  you sign up until 10th of October

 2018 you get a 15% discount on the regular price (1.615,00 Kuna + PDV).

If you want to take up a friend with you, we offer you a 25% discount for both.

For the two purchased entries, the third is GRATIS (only for applications until 10th of October 2018) 

Kotizacija se uplaćuje najkasnije 3 radna dana prije početka programa. Otkazivanje sudjelovanja na skupu moguće je jedino pisanim putem na e-mail adresu info@zsemacademy.hr
najkasnije 5 radnih dana prije početka programa. Sudionici koji su odustali nakon tog roka ili ne prisustvuju programu, nemaju pravo na povrat kotizacije i dužni su platiti punu naknadu.
Ako prijavljeni sudionik ne može sudjelovati na programu, može poslati drugog zamjenskog sudionika. ZŠEM – Poslovna akademija d.o.o. zadržava pravo otkazivanja – u ovom slučaju,
naknada se vraća u cijelosti. Ispunjavanjem i slanjem obrasca prihvaćate ove odredbe i opće uvjete. Podatke koje ste naveli mogu se upotrijebiti u našim promotivnim aktivnostima
i ni u kome slučaju neće biti dani trećima. Vaše podatke po vašem zahtjevu možemo promijeniti ili izbrisati.

WORKPLACE STRESS: Managing through Difficult Times and Difficult People 


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