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Writing Effective and Engaging Teaching Case Studies


Pioneered by Harvard Law School, a teaching case is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the “real world”.  It presents a critical point in the life of an organization and puts the student in the position of a decision maker.  As within any real-world situation, a teaching case requires some decision to be made logically and objectively, and in a timely manner, often with significant resource constraints and unknown or unclear data. An effective case is one that stimulates a great classroom discussion and leads to deep learning. The success of the case method, however, depends on the quality of the cases used in the classroom, and the context of the situation being analyzed. That is to say, students tend to enjoy a case better — and learn from a case more fully — when the case is culturally compatible and contextually significant. Despite the growth of high-quality university education globally, many cases still tend to be American-centric and focused on large multinational organizations. While these cases provide powerful learning experiences for our students, the need for cases written with a local or regional context remains high. Often, the only way that faculty can deliver these more contextual learning experiences to students is to write the cases themselves.



  • Understand the framework that guides the writing of a teaching case.
  • Link course learning outcomes to their own teaching case.
  • Formulate an outline and begin to build case content.
  • Have developed an action plan to move forward.
  • Understand the obstacles to the case writing process.



  • Write a teaching case
  • Develop teaching notes to accompany a case
  • Build positive relationships with a case organization
  • Share the case writing process with colleagues at their university.



Faculty members, professors, teaching assistants, university administrators, and those with teaching and learning roles who are interested in writing teaching case studies, or learning about the case writing process, will benefit from this seminar.



The seminar is designed to be “hands-on” and interactive. It is built around a systematic framework of the case writing process. Participants will move through the framework, exploring the various dimensions of case writing, while simultaneously beginning to develop their own cases and accompanying teaching notes.

Because the goal is to actually begin the case writing process, participants should have a general idea of the course they plan to use the case in, the desired learning outcomes that the case will illustrate, and ideally a “case organization” in mind to analyze.


Since there will be research and writing involved, participants should bring their laptops. 





Julie Felker, DBA, is the Academic Co-Director of the MBA in HRM Program and EMBA in HRM at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, where she teaches Recruitment and Selection, and Performance Management and Reward Systems. She is also Faculty Affiliate and Senior Organizational Development consultant for the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, delivering management education programs and providing technical assistance in developing economies, most recently in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Bahrain and Algeria. She serves as visiting faculty at ESAN University in Peru, the University of Padova and CUOA Business School in Italy, and Ventspils University in Latvia, where she is also Senior Researcher in the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (CEIRD).

Professor Felker develops and teaches a wide variety of seminars in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, including Employer Branding, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Strategic Talent Management, Expatriate Selection and Support, Intercultural Management, and Organizational Development and Change. Dr. Felker also develops and leads train-the-trainer workshops in Leadership and Ethical Decision Making.

Dr. Felker holds a Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Lawrence Technological University in the United States. Her dissertation research, Geographic Mobility of Knowledge Workers in the European Union included many world-class organizations such as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Monster Worldwide, British Telecom, and Royal Dutch Shell. She has an MBA from Wayne State University in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development, and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance.  Her research interests include Developing Career Capital in Young Professionals, and Professional Mobility in the European Union.

Dr. Felker began her career in industry, working in the International Accounting Group-Pacific Canada Division of Unisys, Corp.



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Writing Effective and Engaging Teaching Case Studies


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