2 weeks

(5 modules)






3.500,00 KN + VAT

(lectures, materials, individual feedback)

Learn How to Run a Profitable Holiday Home

*Aimed at owners of small businesses in tourism and hospitality – apartment owners


Each topic will consist of online lectures that will be held live and in which participants will be able to openly discuss challenges in their own environment in addition to lectures with lecturers. Participants will have access to the ebook024 portal, where they can find over 30 e-books fully related to lectures. In addition to all the above, everyone will be provided with additional materials for study before and after the lecture (analysis, case study, video content).


Upon completion of the program, participants who have successfully completed the program will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the MINI MBA program.


The price of the program is 3,500.00 KN + VAT.

EARLY BIRD offer (until March 25, 2021):
10% discount
3 + 1 FREE

The price includes all the materials needed to successfully complete the program.

Upon completion of the program, it is possible to realize additional benefits to the programs of ZSEM – Business Academy.


In the first module of the program, you will get the introduction to program and your lecturers. You will be introduced to the overview of the Croatian tourism market, as well as the overview of your specific market that will be produced specifically for you and your property.

  • Intro to program and lecturers;
  • Overview of location, market and competition – overview of the Croatian tourism market generally, and market of your property specifically;
  • Benefits of Apartments vs. Hotels – what are the benefits that you as an apartment owner have over the hotels and how to use this advantage to increase your revenues;
  • Revenue – Guest Lecture from Expedia or Booking.com – Using Hotels.com, Expedia or Booking.com as a price index is a good start to strategize how you want to position yourself. Here we will look at the trends, best pricing strategies and plans for your property, how to place your property on the map (social media, OTAs, Websites).

In this module, you will learn how to improve the guest experience by getting to know your clients and understand their needs. With that, you will be selling them no only an apartment but a full experience.

  • Tailoring your product to improve guest experience;
  • Getting to know your clients;

– Purpose of their visit

– Why Croatia and that city

  • Selling them the right experience.

In this module you will learn the benefits of building long everlasting partnerships that will help you to take your business to the next level.

  • The benefits of having partnerships

– Restaurants, attractions, museums, boats, taxis (word of mouth from partners)

– Magazines

– Getting to know local business owners

– Sales Rep

– Recommendations (doing packages with apartments on different cities, put a tour together)

In this module, you will learn the importance of using the internet to increase your business’ reach. You will also receive ideas to improve your own property so it stands out from the competition based on your own feedback.

  • Introduction to workshop
    • Giving participants guidelines for their improvement plan
    • Individual time for writing assessment
  • Your property moving forward
    • What do you want to improve?
    • Helping you to get there
  • Final questions and closing the program

On day 5, each of the participants will receive tailored feedback on the plan to improve and going forward with their properties. You will have time for individual consultations with lecturers based on individual improvement plans.

Once you conclude this course you will be able to have a better understanding of the holiday rental market, you will understand the importance of having partnerships and how to give your guests experience. With this bespoke course, you will be prepared with all you need to resonate with your ideal guests and be the best host you can be.

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